PM 06-08-11: Case Maintenance

WAG 06-08-11

new textUnder IES Phase 2, the All Kids Unit (AKU) maintains medical only cases with All Kids Share and All Kids Premium EDGs, even if the case contains other medical EDGs that are normally maintained by FCRCs. However, if a family with an All Kids Share or Premium case that is being maintained by the AKU applies for cash or SNAP, the case must be transferred to an FCRC for a disposition. If cash or SNAP is certified, the case must remain at the FCRC for case maintenance. A case with cash or SNAP benefits cannot be transferred back to the AKU.

The FCRC should contact the AKU for assistance with premium issues relating to AK Premium cases by email at or by phone at 1-877-805-5312 (select 4).

See PM 04-06 for more information about IES office functions in IES Phase 2.