PM 06-08-06-f: Renewal Not Completed Timely

WAG 06-08-06-f

revised textIf an All Kids Share or Premium case is not renewed by the schedule cut-off in the 12th month (for what would be the first month of the new 12-month eligibility period), the case is centrally canceled.

Reinstate benefits and approve the case for the new 12-month eligibility period without requiring a new application in the following situations:

  • The necessary verifications are received before the case is centrally canceled, but the worker did not process the renewal before the central cancellation occurred and the case remains eligible,
  • The family cooperates, revised textincluding submitting all required documents, by the end of the third month (or 90 days if longer) following the last day of coverage (see PM 19-04-02).

If the renewal form and the necessary verifications are received after the end of revised textthe 90 days, advise the family they must reapply and that there will be a break in benefits.