WAG 06-08-04-f: Decrease in Income

PM 06-08-04-f

revised textChange from All Kids Premium to All Kids Share

(FCRC/All Kids Unit) Use TA 31/TAR 24 to change a Premium case to Share. If Item 73 is coded Z, change it to Y.

(System) Notice of Change in Premium and Copay Amounts (Form 3721) is centrally generated as a result of the TA 31/TAR 24.

revised textChange from All Kids Share or Premium to Assist or Moms & Babies

(FCRC/All Kids Unit) Use TA 22/TAR 15 to cancel a Share, Premium or Rebate case. Set up the Assist or Moms & Babies case in the normal manner.

TA 22/TAR 15 does not generate a central notice. Send the family Form 2434A to notify them of the change in their status.

  • NOTE: It is important to take actions in the correct order for Family Health Plans cases. When moving a person from one case to another, delete the person from the first case before adding them to the new case. Transactions are processed in the order they are received (even when completed on the same day). If you add a person to one case before you delete them from the first case, the 2nd transaction (delete) will drop medical coverage from MMIS requiring a separate EPU update.