2023 Learning Objectives for CEU Application

January 26 .
Broadening Horizons: Recovery in Today's Crisis Services
Trainers: Christina Ancira and Ricardo Anderson
Participants will:
  1. Identify the new way of defining crisis
  2. Recognize the three parts of the new crisis system
    1. "Someone to talk to"
    2. "Someone to respond"
    3. "Somewhere to go"
  3. Analyze common myths of the new crisis system
March 23 .
Tools for Wellness and Recovery
Trainers: Christina Ancira
Participants will:
  • Recognize the tools that may already be in our wellness toolbox
  • Identify new tools for our recovery that we might want to try
  • Explain the ways one person's wellness tool may not work for another person
May 25 .
Cultural Differences in Mental Health, Wellness, & Recovery
Trainers: Tanya Cooley and Christina Ancira
Participants will:
  • Recognize how various cultures may perceive the mental health system
  • Identify ways culture can affect the impact of words and how they are perceived
  • Explain inclusive language and the positive effect it can have on self-stigma
July 27 .
Evolving Substance Use and Mental Health Recovery
Trainers: Thomas Troe and Kim Sriner
Participants will:
  • Recognize the history of the recovery community in substance use and mental health
  • Identify various pathways to recovery in substance use and mental health
  • Explain the value of various sources of recovery support
September 28 .
The Role of Social Media in Wellness and Recovery
Trainers: TBD
Participants will:
  • Recognize some of the ways social media can provide connection and motivation
  • Identify common mistakes users of social media might make
  • Explain some of the safety features that can be used to protect your information on social media