January 3, 2022 DDD Communication

Dear Stakeholders:

The Illinois Department Human Services (IDHS) Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is pleased to announce the issuance of three (3) Respite Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs): In-Home/Residential Respite, Voucher Respite, and Group Respite (all linked at the end of this communication).

As part of the State's requirements under the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), state agencies are required to release a competitive application (the NOFO) for all grants. The grants are for 1-year terms with the potential option of extending for two additional 1-year terms. At this time, all 3 Respite NOFOs have exhausted their grant terms and as such, all are being competitively bid via the NOFOs at this time.

All three NOFOs, which will begin in Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022) are, again, for 1-year terms with the potential to extend for two additional 1-year terms. With today's release of the NOFOs, applicants will be required to submit their applicants by Friday, February 18, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. CST. If interested parties have questions about the NOFOs or the grant programs, please email DHS.DDDBCR@illinois.gov  

As stakeholders are aware, the purpose of the Respite grants is to provide relief and/or reduce the stress of a caregiver of a children or adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities while helping to reduce the need for long-term services and supports. Individuals receiving respite services may not receive waiver funded services.

The DDD has made updates to all three grant programs as outlined below.

  • In-Home/Residential Respite:
    • There will be one rate for the In-Home Respite Services which will be set at $22.50/hour (the tiered rates will sunset as of June 30, 2022).
    • Updated Program Goals and Performance Measures.
  • Voucher Respite:
    • Updated Program Goals and Performance Measures.
  • Group Respite:
    • Applicants will be required to submit a proposed hourly rate per individual served in their application.
    • Updated Program Goals and Performance Measures.

NOFO Links:

In-Home/Residential Respite 

Voucher Respite 

Group Respite 

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