Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advising Council Meeting-Minutes 11/04/2021

Meeting date/time:

November 4th, 2021 - 12:30pm


Co-Chairs: Sue Schroeder

Attendees: David Albert, Lee Ann Reinert, Shane Hassler, Shirley Davis, Sue Schroeder, Emily Miller, Sharonda Giles, Tracy Meinertt, Joan Lodge, Irwin Kerzner, Ray Connor, Isaac Palmer, Ron Melka, Sara Wiemeyer, Marianna Bithos, Dr. Sarah Scruggs, Fred Friedman, Thane Dykstra, Patty Johnstone, Michelle Seguin, John Fallon, Fred Freeman, Michael Miroux, Amy Starin, Jud Deloss, Kariss Yu, Chris O'Hara, Dr. Laura Gilbert, Dennis Hopkins, Nannette Larson, Isaac Palmer, Robert Dean Phillips, Christine Walker, Sandra Fraiser, Sandra Frank, Emily Miller, Mike Davis, Matt Christensen (notes), Courtney Aidich (admin),


  • Call to Order/Introductions
  • Approval of September 2021 Minutes:
    • Approved by Committee
  • Division of Mental Health Report:
    • David Albert: General comments on workforce shortages for DMH providers. Also discussed was temporary funding to assist with keeping agencies in operation, SAMHSA funds for Covid-related expenses, cannabis tax revenue for workforce centers around the state, and a NFO announced for a grant opportunity to recruit people with lived experience to join the mental health workforce.
    • Lee Reinert: 590 Crisis Care System updates- committee has been formed and work has been making progress. Block grant indicators are being tracked and will be reported on next month, December 1st, 2021. Irwin will be assisting with this reporting. IMPHAC council will be meeting to start subject matter meetings. Possible federal increases in block grants as well as a possible 10% set-aside increase (up from 5%) to support 908 efforts.
    • Nanette Larson: CRSS Success Program has been funded. The proposal deadline for these funds has passed, and the announcement of recipients is forthcoming.
    • Lisa Betz: Announced funds for Afghan youth refugees with mental health needs. This will be coordinated through DMH & Heartland Alliance.
    • Stephanie Frank: Gambling addiction funds usages through SUPR- radio adds during sporting events. 1.7 million people in Illinois have a gambling addiction, or at risk for gambling addiction.
    • Brock Dunlap: Work continues on HFS payments. Nothing else to report.
    • HFS report (Lee Reinert): Pathways To Success deadlines are due on November 5th, and November 15th.
  • Committee Reports:
    • Development Committee Report (Ron Melka): There have been 2 resignations from this committee. Numerous applications have been entered and are being reviewed. Based on these applicants, the committee will remain in compliance with SAMHSA. Ron motioned to approve these candidates- all say aye, and candidates were approved. 2 more committee positions still need to be filled- Secretary and Consumer Co-Chair. Ron requested that candidates submit questions and applications to him, directly.
    • Adult Inpatient Report (Dennis Hopkins, Ron Melka): There is a need for more mental health beds in the community. Discussed was the need to triage mental health needs differently than medical needs. This is complicated by a lack of training on the scope of mental health issues/ needs, and that not all beds are equipped to handle all cases.
    • Justice Committee Report (not active):
    • Child & Adolescent Committee Report (Christine Walker & Chris O'Hara): Thanks to everyone on the committee for sharing input on how to identify children in need. The committee continues to grow membership & meets the 3rd Friday of every month. Standing agenda and schedule is available on the website. Bylaws are being revised to allow more networking and input from service providers outside of the council. Note that this proposal is not intended to recruit council or committee members. This motion was voted on- 5 abstained, 1 no, all else say aye. The motion was passed.
  • Public Comment/ Q&A:
    • General discussion about reconsidering enabling video for IMPHAC calls. Note that bandwidth issues related to WebEx have been an issue in the past. DMH will follow up in future discussions.
    • 988 & CESSA meetings are scheduled next week for the rollout in January. Coordination between vendors and the state still need to be reviewed.
    • General discussion on hiring more people with lived experience for the mental health workforce to improve services. This is part of a larger and ongoing conversation on the need to improve mental health services in Illinois. Included in this conversation was a suggestion that private hospitals work to extend stay times for patients to stabilize. This is in part due to funding issues.
    • CFPP credentials were not included in the last package of approved accreditation institutions/ certifications. Group discussion on building resources for children and family services.
    • Delays in stipend payments- Brock reviewed the protocol for stipend submissions to the Comptroller.
    • General discussion on whether notes from this meeting can be shared more publicly. Director Albert commented that ways to improve public notifications are being discussed. Lee Reinert commented on the limitations to the existing methods of communication (email, press releases, etc.).
    • Discussion on the confusion around meeting scheduling and the sharing of meeting dates & notes. Lee Ann Reinert commented that The Open Meeting Act requires at least 72 hour advance notice of meetings on the DMH site. Minutes must be posted at least 10 days after the approval of minutes.
  • Next Council meeting: January 6th, 2021 at 12:30
  • Motion to adjourn: All say aye.