WAG 06-08-03: Application Processing

PM 06-08-03

revised textPrior to IES Phase 2, a Notice of Decision on Application (Form 360KC) is sent to notify an All Kids Share or All Kids Premium applicant of the disposition of their application. All Kids Share/Premium Change Report Form (Form 3722) is sent with each Form 360KC.

new textAfter IES Phase 2 implementation, a notice of Decision (Form 360C) is sent to notify applicants of the disposition of their application for all programs. For Share and Premium approvals the following message is displayed:

  • "You can report your change using the Change Report Form 3722 available through Manage My Case. Look for the link to forms and brochures at the bottom of the screen. You can also ask for a copy from the office listed on the front of this notice."

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