December 30, 2021 DDD Communication

Good Afternoon,

The Division understands that COVID-19 cases are extremely high across the state. The Division has been working with IDPH to ensure that updated guidance, based on updated CDC guidance, has been disseminated to the field (see section below). We also understand that staffing is incredibly difficult right now and we appreciate all the work providers are doing to keep homes safely staffed. In extreme situations, please reach out to the Division so that we can try and problem solve with you.


* Per IDPH, the preliminary seven-day statewide COVID-19 positivity for cases as a percent of total test from December 23-29, 2021 is 10.2%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from December 23-29, 2021 is 14.4%.


We want to ensure that all our providers are aware of updated guidance from IDPH: Illinois Department of Public Health Adopts CDC Recommendations for Isolation and Quarantine. Providers should ensure that their Local Health Department is aware of these changes as they work with them on COVID positives and exposures within their CILAs.


Early next week the Department of Healthcare and Family Services plans to post the Adult Waiver for public comment so the Division wants to ensure that stakeholders are aware. As a reminder, all of the Division's Home and Community Based Waivers are on a 5-year renewal cycle. We are hoping to renew the Children's Residential Waiver (Child Group Homes/CGH), Children's Support Waiver (Home-Based Services/CHBS) and the Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver (Residential and Home-Based Services/AHBS) with a July 1, 2022 effective date. Significant changes are noted below.

  • Updating the performance measures reflecting CMS recommendations, consistency across the various waiver programs and two new performance measures specific to the Settings Rule.
  • Updating words and terms for consistency throughout the application.
  • Updating restraint and restrictive intervention language to be consistent with administrative rule.
  • Adding Assistive Technology as a standalone service. It was previously included in the Adaptive Equipment service definition.
  • Increasing the number of required ISC visits from 2 to 4 annually.

We are particularly excited about the increase in visits for our ISCs to work with individuals and their families and providers. We believe this will strengthen the relationship between individuals and their ISC case manager, as well as provide stronger support, advocacy and service coordination.

Hang in there,

Allison V. Stark

Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Illinois Department of Human Services

600 East Ash-Building 400, Springfield, IL 62703

Tel: (217) 782 -6803

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