December 13, 2021 DDD Communication

We want to hear from People Receiving Services: Please Complete the HCBS Setting Survey by December 31!

DDD is asking people who are receiving home and community based waiver services to fill out an electronic survey to better understand your experiences in the community. Thank you to those who have already filled out the survey. If you have not already completed the survey, here is the HCBS Settings Survey in English. You can also go the link and print the survey if it is easier to submit a paper version. Attached is the survey translated into Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Tagolog, Arabic and Hindi.

If you are a family member, ally, case manager, or provider, we appreciate any help you can provide to people who need support to complete it. This survey is one of the ways DDD will be capturing people's experiences in waiver services related to choice, autonomy, independence and community integration. DDD is working with UIC to update the person centered planning process and implementation strategies in order ensure individual feedback is gathered on an ongoing basis related to the HCBS settings rule. If you have any questions, you can email Meg Cooch at

We look forward to seeing many people at the TWO Settings webinars on December 14 and December 15. Division encourages providers and other interested stakeholders to check out the new DDD HCBS Settings webpage. Make sure to review the new Settings compliance DRAFT Information Bulletins.

Thank you for your attention to this.

To request to be added to our email database, or to update your contact and service information, please complete our Contact Survey at the following link:

Information provided will help us to better tailor communications to you in the future.