IDHS GATA Prequalification Assistance

To apply for state funding, organizations must be prequalified in accordance with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA). Organizations can register and prequalify in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal at any point prior to applying for funding. If an organization is in the process of applying for a specific funding opportunity, prequalification must be completed prior to the application due date listed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).

IDHS is offering several options for assistance to ensure that your organization is prequalified and therefore, eligible to apply for this opportunity. These assistance options are NOT MANDATORY and will not affect your application score. If your organization has not successfully applied for state funding previously, IDHS encourages organizations to take advantage of these options; there is no cost to participate.

  1. To determine if your agency is currently prequalified: (Survey submitted online, with email follow-up)
    Organizations may submit a short GATA Prequalification Verification survey to determine if the organization is currently prequalified. IDHS will review organization's eligibility/prequalification status which includes ensuring:

    IDHS will notify you if there are incomplete and/or missing requirements for prequalification and connect you to the appropriate technical assistance and support. It is highly recommended that organizations begin the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Prequalification process as early as possible. Some of the required steps may take up to several weeks to complete. (Click on the hyperlink next to each requirement to learn more about how to complete it.)

    If your organization is already registered in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal, you may also check your own status. The Grantee Portal will list the status of each prequalification requirement. If a status is not "good", on-line HELP will provide an explanation and a link to correct the issue. The status of all requirements must be "good" for your organization or agency to be qualified.

  2. To learn how to get GATA Prequalified, visit IDHS: How to Get GATA Pre-Qualified (
    This website provides organizations with step-by-step instructions to complete the prequalification requirements.
  3. To receive assistance navigating GATA and the application process: (self-paced online learning; available to all organizations)
    The IDHS GATA Technical Assistance Learning Management System (GATA TA LMS) was developed to help organizations understand GATA and the grant application process. This online training consists of six self-paced modules. To access training modules, go to IDHS GATA Technical Assistance Learning Management System