WAG 06-08-01-c: Copay Met (All Kids Share and Premium)

PM 06-08-01-c

revised textWhen an application is approved for All Kids Share or Premium Level 1, Information Regarding Copayments - Copay Tracking Form (Form 3726/A) is sent to the family to keep track of their copays.

  1. (All Kids Unit) Receives Form 3726A from the family.
  2. (All Kids Unit) Determines if the copay cap is met. new textIf met, contact HFS Medical Eligibility Policy for guidance. 

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All Kids Premium Level 2

HFS' MMIS system tracks out of pocket hospital service expenses for children enrolled in Premium Level 2. Copayments are tracked per child by plan year (July through June). Every year on July 1, HFS resets the copay tracking to zero for the next plan year.

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