Firearm Violence Prevention Grant Information - FY 2022

Funding Opportunities are listed below. The table below includes links to the Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), if applicable, Question & Answer (QA) information (if applicable), Grant Application (GA), and the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA).

For detailed information about the application requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

CSFA Number Grant Title NOFO QA GA PRA
444-80-2771 RPSA Violence Prevention Training, Technical Assistance and Support (RVP-TTAS) 22-444-80-2771 QA-2771 GA-2771 PRA-2771
444-80-2772 RPSA Youth Development Training, Technical Assistance, and Support (RYD-TTAS) 22-444-80-2772 QA-2772 GA-2772 PRA-2772
444-80-2773 Reimagine Public Safety Act Conveners (Reimagine Conveners) 22-444-80-2773 QA-2773 GA-2773 PRA-2773