PM 06-08-01: Health Benefits & Cost Sharing

WAG 06-08-01

revised textChildren eligible under All Kids Share or Premium get an annual medical card. They get the same services as an Assist case, except abortions and Home and Community-Based waiver services are not covered. Also, non-emergency transportation is not covered under Premium Level 2.

There are copays under the Share and Premium programs. Additionally, a family must pay premiums under the Premium program. Families whose members are American Indian or Alaska Native do not pay copays or premiums if their income is equal to or less than revised text209% of the FPL.

Deleted textChildren receiving All Kids Share and Premium Level 1 have a maximum copay of $100 in a year. Copays and premiums are based on the family's size and monthly income.

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revised textThe medical provider must verify the copays electronically through REV, AVRS, or MEDI.

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