Appendix A: CSA & Budget Information

For information regarding CSA:

How to Register for the CSA Tracking System

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new IDHS grantee-provider or an existing IDHS grantee-provider, you will need to contact your IDHS division contact person or the IDHS contact person on the posted Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to enter your organization's information in the CSA Tracking System before your registration will be approved. Do not register before contacting your IDHS division contact person to enter your organization's information in the CSA.

Grantee-Providers with Uniform Grant Agreements/EEC Contracts with IDHS are invited to register for the Illinois Department of Human Services CSA Tracking System.

Two steps are involved in registering for the CSA Tracking System: 1) creating an External ID and 2) registering your External ID for the CSA Tracking System. If you do not complete both steps, you will not have access to the CSA Tracking System.

  1. Create External ID: Before registering for CSA Tracking System access, you will need a functioning External ID and password.
    • If you already have an External ID, you do not need to create a new one. Please note: A Public ID is different than an External ID. An External ID uses A Public ID uses You can check the Domain on the email received from DoIT Identity Management.
    • If you do not have an External ID, you can obtain one at the following web link Create Account. Choose General Public (Not employed by the State of Illinois) [EXTERNAL] even if you are a State of Illinois employee. You will receive an email from DoIT Identity Management when your External ID has been created. If you do not have a State of Illinois driver's license, please email your request to manually create an External ID to with the following information: Name, Company, Address, Phone #, DUNS #, FEIN # and email address.
  2. Register for CSA Tracking System access: You will need an Invitation Key Code in order to submit your request for CSA Tracking System (CSA) access. If you do not have an Invitation Key Code, you can request an Invitation Key Code from the IDHS contact person for your existing IDHS grant or Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The Invitation Key Code can be used for multiple registrations. Do not register until you have created your External ID and ensured your organization is listed as a provider in CSA. If your organization has more than one Resource listed in the CSA, please be sure to include an Agreement Number or Resource ID in the registration. The Resource ID can be found in the My Info tab of a current user already registered in CSA. Please be sure to provide a valid email account in the User Email Account field. Your External ID is not a valid email address. If you enter your External ID in the User Email Account field, you will not receive the automated emails regarding your registration.
    If you receive an error message that you have previously been denied or you are already registered, please contact  and relay your error message. Please provide your Name, Company, FEIN and External ID.
    Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the CSA Tracking System. You will need to use your entire External ID ( as your username when logging in. Do not attempt to access CSA until you receive the email notification that your registration has been approved.
    • The CSA Tracking System only allows access to one Provider. If you need your access switched to a different provider, please request this via email to and provide your External ID, Provider Name, Provider FEIN and Resource ID (if applicable).
    • If you are a new IDHS provider, there may be a facilities page to enter your facilities information into the CSA Tracking System.
    • Go to the My Info tab and make sure you have a valid email address listed. Your External ID is not a valid email address.
    • If you need access to sign off on GATA budgets, please go to the following link: Process for adding GATA Budget Signoff Authority. Budget Signoff Authority cannot be requested by phone or in the comments section of Registration.
    • In order to access your IDHS Uniform Grant Agreements/EEC Contracts you will also need to ensure your organization has registered for access to the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV). If your organization has not registered for CRV access you will not be able to view your contracts. Please use the following web link to access the CRV Registration web page: Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)

After registering for CSA, you must submit a budget for the period designated in the Funding Notice. Your budgets can be entered at this link

If you have any questions about your budget you can email or

How to create a budget in CSA

To access the IDHS Training Manual for use of the Budget Templates in the Help Tab in the CSA Tracking System

Uniform Grant Budget

Complete the Uniform Grant Budget in the CSA system. For more information about how to access the CSA system, see For instructions about how to enter a budget into the CSA system see the Training Manual for use of the Budget Templates in the Help Tab in the CSA Tracking System. For EACH cost item listed in the budget worksheet, a detailed justification must be included in the narrative section. This justification should describe specifically how the budgeted amount was derived. The justification must also directly correlate the expenditure to the grant program - why/how it is necessary under the grant. Items being cost allocated must be fully detailed as to the method utilized. The Budget and Budget narratives should be prepared to reflect the budget period as required by the funding notice. The Budget should be electronically signed and submitted in the CSA system. The budget must be electronically signed by the applicant's Chief Executive Officer and or Chief Financial Officer. See for more information about requesting CSA budget signoff authority.

Sub-Recipient PDF Uniform Grant Budget Forms

Complete the PDF version of the Uniform Grant Budget for Sub-recipient budgets ONLY! Include completed Sub-recipient Budgets. Download the Uniform Grant Budget Template.