Congrats on becoming GATA pre-qualified! Now it's time to get you on our grant-making systems (CSA and CRV) so you will be ready to partner with IDHS.

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Community Service Agreements (CSA)

Let's start with the CSA tracking system

IDHS grantee-providers (like you!) use the Community Service Agreements (CSA) tracking system to enter and submit GATA budgets, view and print Uniform Grant Agreements/EEC contracts and enter IDHS Year-End Financial Reporting Actuals.


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Step 1: Register for an external account

If you already have an external account, you do not have to create another one.


  • An external account is different than a public account . An external account uses; a public account uses
  • Choose "General Public (Not employed by the State of Illinois)" even if you are a State of Illinois employee. Your CSA registration will not be validated if you choose Other Employees.
  • If you do not have a State of Illinois driver's license, email a request to create an external account to with your name, organization, address, phone, DUNS/UEI, FEIN, and email address.

Step 2: Register for the CSA tracking system

You will need an Invitation Key Code in order to submit your request for CSA access. If you do not have an Invitation Key Code, request one from the contact person for your grant or Notice of Funding Opportunity. This code can be used for multiple registrations.


  • If you are a new IDHS provider, you will need to contact your division contact person or the contact person on the Notice of Funding Opportunity to enter your organization's information in CSA before your registration will be approved. Do not register before contacting your contact person to enter your organization's information.

Step 3: Enter your GATA budget

In the CSA tracking system, enter your budget for the specific grant program. Need help? Use the "help" tab at the top of the screen to access the budget manual. Be sure to sign the GATA budget. The Executive Director or equivalent is required to sign. For more detailed information, see IDHS GATA Budgets.


  • If you are trying to approve a budget and the "Executive Director or Equivalent Sign" button is not available, check the status of your budget. If it says "Work in Progress," click the "Submit to Executives" button.
  • An email is not sent to your executives. You will need to let them know the budget is ready for approval.
  • If you have the message "WARNING: User not authorized to view this page. Please contact Office of Contract Administration for further assistance," you do not have budget signoff authority; see IDHS Process for adding GATA Budget Signoff Authority.
  • Your budget is not submitted until you see "GATA Budget signed and submitted to program review."

Step 4: Sign your contract

You're almost there! The last step in CSA to become a IDHS grantee is to review and sign the agreement.

  1. Find your contract on the Contracts tab at the top of the page. Click on the Agreement Number link, and save or print the file.
  2. Sign under your organization's name. Do not sign in the Department of Human Services' space.
  3. IMPORTANT: Date your agreement!
  4. Email signature pages and any additional documentation to or fax them to 217-524-9587. Include your agreement number. Do not send the entire agreement, only the signature page and any additional forms listed in the notification email.

Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)

Now let's get you on CRV

The Centralized Repository Vault (CRV) is where the State will ask you to upload financial records to make sure you are compliant with GATA.

After your external account is created, you can register for CRV.

Step 5: Register for CRV

You will need an Invitation Key Code in order to submit your request for CRV access. If you do not have an Invitation Key Code, email This code can be used for multiple registrations.

Estimated turnaround time: 2 business days


  • The IDHS Providers website includes resources to assist you with CRV and financial reporting.



You are now registered for CSA and CRV. Be sure to update the information if there are changes to your organization or contact people.

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