Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advising Council Meeting-Minutes Draft 09/02/2021


September 2, 2021 - 12:30pm

Attendees: Courtney Aidich, Matthew Christensen, Shirley Davis, Audrey Davis, Lee Ann Reinert, Sue Schroeder, Lisa Betz, Michelle Churchey-Mims, Yasmin Diodonet, Nanette Larson, Ray Connor, Jean Davis, Joean Lodge, Shane Hassler, David Albert, Jud DeLoss, Ron Melka, Donell Barnett, Patty Johnstone, Christine Walker, Sarah B Scruggs, Stephanie Frank, Erin Brumfield Grima, Marci Brandt, Jen McGowan-Tomke, Michael Miroux, Laura Gerber, Isaac Palmer, Ricardo Anderson, Brock Dunlap, Kristine Herman, Dennis Hopkins, Mike Davis, Pearl Matlock, Elizabeth Festa, Christopher Stohr, Sarah Wiemeyer, Sondra Frazier, Chris J O'Hara, Sid Weissman, Irwin Kerzner

  • Call to Order/Introductions
  • Approval of the Minutes
    • July 8, 2021 (Approved by Committee)
  • 1 correction needed on last minutes- Add Lee Ann Reinert
  • Division of Mental Health Report
    • David Albert: General thanks for Covid efforts. Announced upcoming block grant news.
    • Lee Reinert: Thanks to all for block grant efforts, block grant recent planning meeting participation and to Irwin, especially. Alert to all council members that annual trainings are due by the end of calendar year. Recent survey on Diversity Equity & Inclusion for council has been completed. Survey on the Substantive Committee nominations are forthcoming. Also special thanks to Courtney Aidich and Matt Christensen for work on the completed EBP conference.
    • Lisa Betz: Highlighted EBP presentation on early childhood development and the DC 0 to 5 tool.
    • Dr. Donnell Barnett: Available hospitalization bed count is needed and is being researched. Also being tracked are transfer trends between facilities.
    • Elizabeth Festa: Williams & Colbert efforts show improvement over last year's. Also improved are hospital and nursing home diversions. Vaccinations for Williams/ Colbert prime agency members from May to July are almost double. Equip For Equality is now performing outreach to class members to address any vaccination information questions.
    • Brock Dunlap: All invoices inquiries should be directed to him via email.
  • Committee Reports:
    • Development Committee Report:
    • Potential Candidates: (Ron Melka ) Communications on IMPHAC Committee member renewals and new applicants are being collected by Ron via email.
    • Adult Inpatient Report: (Dennis Hopkins) Research into available beds is being conducted.
    • Justice Committee Report (not active)
    • Child & Adolescent Committee Report: (Christine Walker) Committee has been renewed. Issues with residential care are being researched, and possible solutions attached to new programs & funding (988, etc) are being considered.
  • Required Trainings
    • (Lee Reinert) Trainings for new committee members are needed, especially for SAMHSA.
  • Public Comment
    • (Ron Mulka) Issue with email re. Committee member renewals has been fixed.
  • Next Council meeting: November 4th @ 12:30
  • Motion to adjourn: 1st Shirley Davis, 2nd Mike Davis, all say "aye"