PM 06-04-03: Homeless Benefits

WAG 06-04-03

Persons who are homeless may qualify for cash, medical, or SNAP benefits, if otherwise eligible. A permanent or fixed address is not required to receive benefits. Do not require proof of residence from homeless persons.

new manual text Homeless SNAP Households

See PM 13-02-03 for the income budgeting method to use when determining SNAP eligibility and benefit level for homeless persons.

A SNAP homeless household (all members are homeless) that incurs shelter expenses during the month may qualify for a Homeless Shelter Standard or the use of Actual Shelter Expenses.

new manual text Homeless Shelter Standard

  • The Homeless Shelter Standard is a special standard for SNAP homeless households in which all members are homeless (PM 06-04-02) and the household:
    • is not receiving free shelter throughout the month; and 
    • does not opt to claim an excess shelter deduction.
  • A homeless SNAP household that incurs or expects to incur shelter costs less than or equal to the Homeless Shelter Standard during the month qualifies for the Homeless Shelter Standard. Verification of the expense is not required. The customer's statement is sufficient when the shelter expenses claimed are less than or equal to the Homeless Shelter Standard.
  • A homeless SNAP household choosing to use the Homeless Shelter Standard is not eligible for the excess shelter deduction (PM 13-01-08) or a utility standard allowance (including the Telephone Standard) in the SNAP calculation. This includes a homeless SNAP household with a qualifying member.

Homeless SNAP households that receive free housing and utilities throughout the month are not eligible for a shelter deduction.

new manual textActual Homeless Shelter Expenses

  • A homeless SNAP household may claim the actual costs of their shelter if the amount exceeds the amount of the Homeless Shelter Standard and is verified. The amount verified is allowed as an excess shelter deduction (PM 13-01-08). The household may qualify for a utility allowance if a utility expense is incurred.
  • If a homeless household claims actual costs for shelter expenses but verification of the actual costs is not provided the Homeless Shelter Standard is used in the SNAP calculation. The homeless SNAP household is not denied or canceled if proof is not provided of the actual expense.
  • If after the homeless SNAP household is approved for benefits, Actual Homeless Shelter Expenses are verified, the expense is treated as a reported change in circumstances. Benefits are increased for the fiscal month following the fiscal month that the change is reported. A supplement may be issued if it is not possible to include the increase in the regular issuance.

Note: SNAP households in general are not required to verify shelter expenses (PM 13-01-08-a), (WAG 13-01-08-b). Homeless SNAP households claiming Actual Homeless Shelter Expenses must verify the expenses.