WAG 06-03-02: Emergency Shelter - Cook County (TANF)

PM 06-03-02

  1. (Client) Signs Request for Crisis Assistance (Form 2689) requesting Emergency Shelter.
  2. (Contract Agency) Forwards completed and signed Form 2689 to Family Community Resource Center liaison handling the cash benefit case. text deleted
  3. (FCRC) Determine if the client receives TANF. text deleted
  4. (FCRC) Make a decision on the Emergency Shelter request.
    1. If the client receives TANF, text deleted approve the request.
    2. If the client does not receive TANF, text deleted deny the request.
  5. (FCRC) Notify the shelter of the decision on Notice of Decision on a Request for Crisis Assistance (Form 2690) within 2 workdays from the date of decision.

NOTE: When approved, direct payment will be made to the shelter facility in accordance with existing agreements. If denied, the shelter uses other funding to pay for the services provided to the client. The shelter does not deny services to clients who are ineligible for Emergency Shelter.