PM 06-03-00: Crisis Assistance Programs

WAG 06-03-00

There are 2 programs that provide assistance in a crisis situation: Crisis Assistance and Emergency Shelter. Each program addresses different needs (see Crisis Assistance Program chart in WAG 25-02-02 and see Crisis Assistance maximum allowance amounts in WAG 25-03-04). In addition, the replacement value of food destroyed in a disaster may be approved. Crisis Assistance is limited to TANF families. Emergency Shelter is available to TANF families. text deleted

A written request is required for Crisis Assistance and for Emergency Shelter. For Crisis Assistance, issue a written decision notice within 2 workdays from the date of decision. For Emergency Shelter, issue a written decision notice within 45 days from the request date.

If the need for assistance results from a client's refusal to accept employment or training for employment without good cause, they are ineligible for the program. Accept the client's statement as proof that they did not refuse to accept a job or job training without good cause.

Obtain prior approval from the Regional Office when a TANF family requests non-medical needs related to essential medical care.