ISVI Advisory Council Meeting Notes - January 29, 2021

The ISVI Advisory Council met on January 29th, 2021, virtually beginning at approximately 1:00 p.m. In attendance were the following:

Aimee Veith, Acting Superintendent

Kerry Rawlings, DHS Education Liaison

Malinda Pollard, Residential Supervisor

Mark Peters, Chairman

Greg Ketcham

Aaron Singleton, Retired Guard of ISVI

Louis Hamer, DHS Chief of Staff

Leo Tomich, Senior at ISVI

The Advisory Council is approved of the minutes as well as the agenda. There were no objections to the agenda by anyone at the meeting; no conflicts of interest were noted.

Acting Superintendent Veith said she would be combining the Education report with the Superintendent's report. She stated that February 10th is our vaccine date for ISVI staff that will occur on ISD campus. Staff will be able to get their first Covid shot on this date. Second shots will occur on March 10th. 68% of staff at ISVI requested they would like to get the Covid vaccine. Aimee talked about attendance so far this school year. She mentioned the attendance rate is at 96%, the same rate as last years. She also stated that 98% of students are at a passing rate. She said technology devices have been delivered to our students. We have a team of teachers who help the students navigate with technology if issues occur. Whenever there is a technology problem our team of technology teachers will attempt to fix either remotely or a driver will come out and pick up that device to be brought back to ISVI to get corrected. Aimee said those devices will be fixed and returned in a 48-hour window. Aimee brought up discipline reports for this school year. She stated we have only had two discipline reports this school year. She looked back at the past five years and found 150-250 happened from the beginning of the school year till now. Looking ahead, Aimee talked about activities that will happen in the future for example prom and graduation. She stated we will have a live stream event. Aimee talked about new job opportunities that will be posted soon for ISVI. Barbara Ballard will start as the educational principal starting on February 1st. Barbara's old position will be open, and we will post that soon as well. Jacob Petri started in November as a teacher. Jason Crotchett is currently deployed for the military, so we have subs filling in for his position. Other jobs that will be posted soon will be positions in dietary, housekeepers and residential care workers. Aimee mentioned we are preparing the campus for a return date in April. According to the state of Illinois parents can chose if they want their child to stay remote, hybrid or face to face learning. In admissions and records, Aimee had mentioned we lost two students due to them joining their home base schools but recently they have come back to ISVI. Aimee stated we will be gaining two more students remotely in May. By August, Aimee said we could have anywhere from eight to sixteen new students joining our campus. In Outreach, Michelle Clark has been doing virtual meetings with one conference a month. Aimee stated Gina Carr has workshops for Braille Legos set up. This is for objective education it has braille, O&M with constant contact as well as being a game on iPads. Aimee stated we will be doing Opening Doors this year. We will host twenty-five families with a full version virtually. We will include literacy, handouts, toys and these will all be towards children with visually impairments. Aimee mentioned we will have camps this year as well. We will have mini campus to meet all needs during the pandemic. Low vision will occur this year on May 3rd, 4th and 5th. Aimee shared the students will be going home that weekend. Aimee stated there will be a one-way entry and only one parent will be entering. An alternate date will be the first weekend of June. Aimee shared the drone tour is complete of ISVI's campus. Michelle Clark and Cindy Daughtery are working on adding a voiceover to the video. Aimee shared when tours occur of our campus only one parent can join with their child. Aimee stated students will not be able to use west central busing when returning but maybe in the fall. She stated the students will have a monthly pass if they use that service. Greg asked about career fairs, Aimee said those would be available virtually. In business, Aimee stated we will get funds to update the rate room. We will make sure we have funds for the latest devices. She stated the students will no longer be able to share devices. Aimee hopes to start working on a new roof for parts of ISVI campus on March 1st including the gym, swimming pool, dietary, pavilion, and main building. Malinda Pollard is working on a new carpet project for campus. Aimee stated the gym will be getting new doors. Sidewalks will also be getting repairs. Aimee mentioned the guards and bus garage employees will be getting their own computers. Educators will have a new wireless headset for them to use in the classroom that will work for students in the classroom, dorm and remote students. Mark asked about how study halls would occur. Aimee stated the teachers are available 8-9:30 am daily due to the new schedule. Aimee shared each teacher will only have six students in their class. Leo asked about food prep classes. Aimee stated food prep will be individual now instead of working as a team. Mark asked how many people can be in the gym once the students return. Aimee shared we can have fifty people, however, she shared we will keep students social distanced with outside activities including using the track and mats outside. Aimee stated statewide testing will begin this month. SAT will begin when the students return to campus. Aimee mentioned the plexi glass in classrooms will be cleaned daily. She stated we will put a soft edge around the edges or use painters' tape to help the students see it more easily for those students who have low vision. Aimee stated we would use red painters tape.

Kerrie Rawlins, DHS Education Liaison, told the group she Jacksonville has a new broadband. She has been working with PPE committees in Chicago and Springfield areas. She said she is constantly making sure schools have the supplies they need. She is tracking and reporting that weekly. She stated touchless water bottle fountains and faucets will be installed. She is making sure nurses and housekeepers have N95's. She stated pappers might get sent to the schools. It needs to pass before it can be available. She stated pappers are like a space suits and she will be ordering multiple sizes. Kerrie also stated there is a UV light that kills the virus. This device has been sent to the infection control board. She said there are different methods like hooking it up to the ceiling or attaching to a keyboard that acts like a vacuum.

Louis Hamer, DHS Chief of Staff, stated he is hoping April 5th is the return date. He stated the campus will have temporary staff in May, but staff will be come permanent this upcoming school year.

Malinda Pollard, Residential Supervisor, shared with the group plexi glass has been installed in all living areas in the dorms. She stated all old appliances are removed. Malinda mentioned Unit 18 will be the isolation area. Greg asked for more information on Unit 18 isolation. Malinda shared if there is a confirmed case of Covid that student will go to Unit 18. That student will then need to be picked up by a parent. Unit 18 will have separate nursing staff. Nurses for Unit 18 will be from a health clinic with services that they will be trained in. By fall time nurses will be available 24/7. Aimee stated medicine stops will have destinated times with much smaller groups. Malinda stated rapid tests for Covid testing will be available. Aimee mentioned we will not be continuing the dog biscuit making like the students have been doing through the years due to Covid. Greg asked if the students would continue to eat in dietary. Aimee stated no, the students will eat in their dorms with social distance rules. Aimee mentioned Jessica VanRee will allow one pod to come to dietary to eat their meals on different days. Mark asked about dietary serving of food. Aimee stated the food will already be prepared on a plate and handed to each individual student. She mentioned there will no longer be a salad bar. However, each student will have an option to receive a wrapped salad daily. Aimee also shared Tiena Kidd is working on different rec activities that will include physical as well as mental health. Leo asked if students will be able to have roommates in the dorms. Malinda stated no, students will have their own suite with their own bathroom. Leo asked about sports for the students to participate in. Aimee mentioned swimming, virtual forensic, track and maybe cheerleading. She stated wresting, goalball would not be happening. Mark asked if it would just be one person per lane in the swimming pool. Aimee stated yes, so we could have four swimmers in ISVI's swimming pool. Aimee stated she has lifeguards who will be available every night.

Leo Tomich, Senior at ISVI, stated the school has provided the students with laptops and ipads. He stated the laptops were delayed until October or November of 2020. However, Leo shared the students are thankful for these devices. He mentioned these devices have proper programs that his personal device doesn't have. Leo shared the students are interested in having prom. He stated last year it was on zoom and hoping this year can be different. Leo mentioned having prom this year in a tent outside. Aimee stated if the roof on the pavilion is finished prom will be held there instead. Leo said the students will follow precautions as well as social distance. Aimee shared homecomings will be limited when the students return. Only two homecomings will occur. However, parents can come get their child anytime. Mark asked if we would be receiving barrios for the buses. Aimee stated not at this time. Aimee shared we will have a new chemical set that will be used to sanitize the bus. This chemical will dry within 80 seconds. Aimee shared this will be used after every use.

In Old Business Acting Superintendent Veith told the group we will be looking for new officers, possibly Arlana Henley. Mark stated this might be his last year. Aimee stated with technology spending we have received new devices as well as new computers for staff.

In New Business Acting Superintendent Veith said we need two new parents. Will have a letter of interest from Aaron. Mark stated there is no updates in alumni.

Mark shared the next meeting will be on April 23rd, 2021, the 4th Friday of the month.

The meeting adjourned at 3:09 p.m.