WAG 06-01-11: Maximum Eligibility Period

PM 06-01-11

A computer generated list is received in the Family Community Resource Center each month showing cases containing refugees or Cuban-Haitian entrants who have been in the U.S. 6 months and who will no longer be eligible for RRP benefits after their 8th month.

NOTE: Each month, RRP cases that have not been canceled by the 9th month are reported on the Refugee Delinquency Report. Take immediate action to correct the cases on the report.

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When the list of cases with expiring refugee eligibility is received, take the following action for single adult and family RRP cases:

  1. Review the case record to determine if the date of entry in Item 80 of Form 552 is correct. If the date of entry is wrong, correct the date.
  2. Notify the client of the impending RRP cancellation at least 45 days in advance.

    To notify the client, complete a Notice to Recipients of Refugee Assistance (Form 2418A), in triplicate.

    Send the original to the client, and file the 2nd copy in the case record. 

  3. Send the first copy of the Form 2418A to the local General Assistance Unit.
  4. Forty-five days after sending the Form 2418A, cancel the RRP case as follows:
    1. Complete and send Form 157, to notify the client of the RRP cancellation.
    2. Complete and submit the current Form 552 to cancel the RRP case using TAR 72.

If the client appeals, handle as any other appeal. However, do not continue benefits past the 8th month unless the issue under appeal is the determination of the correct 8-month period.