988 Key Stakeholder Coalition Full Member Roster

(as of September 2021)

Support Staff 

Division of Mental Health 

  • David Albert, Director, Division of Mental Health
  • Lee Ann Reinert, Deputy Director of Policy, Planning and Innovation
  • Lisa Betz, Deputy Director of Child and Adolescent Services
  • Nanette Larson, Deputy Director of Wellness and Recovery
  • Brock Dunlap, Deputy Director of Business Policy and Fiscal Operations
  • Donell Barnett, Deputy Director of Clinical Operations
  • Constance Williams, Regional Executive Director
  • Linnie Teagues, Regional Provider Relations Manager
  • Roberta Allen, Project Manager
  • Irwin Kerzner, Associate Block Grant Planner
  • Jessena Williams, Statewide Coordinator for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, & Late-Deafened
  • Courtney Aidich, Administrative Assistant 

 Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery

  • Stephanie Frank, Deputy Director of Planning, Performance Assessment and Federal Projects 

 988 Planning Grant Manager

  • Chuck Klevgaard, Project Manager, Education Development Center

 Coalition Members

 Illinois House of Representatives

  • State Representative Deb Conroy, 46th District, Chair of the House Mental Health Committee

 State Agencies

  • Cindy Barbera-Brelle, Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator
  • Kristine Herman, Department of Healthcare and Family Services
  • Kristen Kennedy, Department of Healthcare and Family Services-Designee
  • Ashley Thoele, Department of Public Health
  • Jennifer Martin, Department of Public Health
  • Leslee Stein-Spencer, Department of Public Health-Designee
  • Alexa Brant, Department of Public Health-Designee

 Illinois Call Centers

  • Kathy Carey, Dupage County Health Department
  • Patrick Dombrowski, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago
  • Sam Johnson, Lake County Health Department
  • Diana Knaebe, Memorial Behavioral Health
  • Heather Sweet, Memorial Behavioral Health-Designee
  • Monica Farquhar, Memorial Behavioral Health-Designee
  • Amber Olson, Memorial Behavioral Health-Designee
  • Ashley Baker, Memorial Behavioral Health-Designee
  • Leaha Jones, Memorial Behavioral Health-Designee
  • Megghun Redmon, Suicide Prevention Services of America
  • Kevin Richardson, PATH

 Crisis Providers

  • Sharonne Ward, Grand Prairie Services
  • Dennis Duke, Unity Point
  • Joe Lilly, Unity Point-Designee
  • Paul Phares, Unity Point-Designee
  • Heather O'Donnell, Thresholds
  • Trenda Hedges, Illinois Mental Health Collaborative

 Recovery Support Service Providers

  • AJ French, Gift of Voice
  • Shirley Davis, Davis Integrative Services
  • Chris Stohr, GROW

 Advocacy Groups

  • Jen McGowan-Tomke, NAMI Chicago
  • Ronisha Edwards-Elliot, NAMI Chicago-Designee
  • Jim Poole, NAMI Chicago-Designee
  • Steve Moore, IL American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Dimple Patel, IL American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-Designee
  • Michael Duffy, IL American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-Designee

 Trade, Service, Provider Organizations

  • Josh Evans, IARF
  • Luis Andrade, IARF-Designee
  • Marvin Lindsey, CBHA
  • Michelle Churchey-Mims, CBHA-Designee
  • Blanca Campos, CBHA-Designee
  • Kacy Anderson, ICOY
  • David Berkey, IHPA
  • Jud Deloss, IABH
  • Eddie Markul, ICEP
  • Ginny Kennedy Palys, ICEP

 County/Regional Providers and Oversight Bodies

  • Matt Richards, Chicago Department of Public Health
  • Sarah Richardson, Chicago Department of Public Health-Designee
  • Jaye Stapleton, Chicago Office of the Mayor
  • Tiffany Gholson, East St. Louis Trauma Recovery Center

 Law Enforcement Leaders

  • Lt. Byron Workman, ISP

 Individuals with Lived Expertise

  • Stanley A. Lewy, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Midwest/ILLINOIS Chapter)
  • Kim Bryan, Rattle the Stars

Added Members October 2021 - Present

  • Amber Smock, Access Living
  • Anthony Rigano, CCSU Sergeant
  • Ashley Bae, DMH
  • Ashley Reichert, STIC Assistant Center Chief
  • Candace Coleman, Access Living
  • Charles Petrof, Access Living
  • Chris Pavasaris, RAVE Mobile Safety
  • David Applegate, The Kennedy Forum
  • Eileen Molloy Langdon, Association of Police Social Services (APSS)
  • Emily Miller, IARF
  • Jasmine Mosley, East St. Louis Trauma Recovery Center
  • Joseph Croegaert, DMH
  • Kathleen McNamara, Association of Police Social Services (APSS)
  • Katie Danko, Cook County Sheriff's Office
  • Kristine Gamm-Smith, National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern IL
  • Lia Daniels, IHA
  • Lorrie Jones, DMH Consultant
  • Matthew Fishback, Cook County Sheriff's Office
  • Patricia Rudloff, National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern IL
  • Paul Kubinski, Kendall County Sheriff's Office
  • Peter Eckart, DMH Consultant
  • Rachel Bhagwat, NAMI Chicago
  • Samantha Kanish, Safe2Help Illinois
  • Scott Block, Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
  • Susan Blechschmidt, Association of Police Social Services (APSS)
  • Susan Schafer, McLean County Board District 9