PM 06-01-07: Who to Include in RRP Case

WAG 06-01-07

Policy on who to include in a case in PM 04-01-00 does not apply to RRP cases. An RRP case may be set up for one adult or for a family.

An eligible adult with no children receives their own grant. If 2 or more related adults live together and have no eligible child, open a separate case for each adult.

To receive RRP as an adult, the person must be:

  • ineligible as a child; or
  • revised textmarried or in a civil union, and living with their spouse/civil union partner, regardless of age, even if living in the home of a natural or adoptive parent; or
  • a minor parent (or caretaker) of a child.

An RRP family case must include one or more eligible children. A child must be under age 18 or age 18 and a full-time student in high school (see PM 03-04-02).

An RRP case can include only 2 of the following adults:

  • the parents of the child; or
  • revised texta relative of the child (see PM 03-05-01) and the spouse/civil union partner of that relative; or
  • revised textthe legal guardian of a child and the spouse/civil union partner of the legal guardian; or
  • revised textthe unrelated caretaker of a child and the spouse/civil union partner of the unrelated caretaker.

In family cases, designate one of the parents or other adults as caretaker.