Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advising Council Meeting-Minutes Draft 07/08/2021

July 8th, 2021 12:30pm-3:30pm

Attendees: Andrea Cook, David Albert, Lee Ann Reinert, Lisa Betz, Michael Davis, Shirly Davis, Thane Dykstra, Jim Wilkerson, Sondra Frazier, Sharonda Giles, Erin Brumfield Grima, Joan Lodge, Chris Stohr, Christine Walker, Shirley Davis, Ron Melka, Irwin Kerzner, Michelle Churchey- Mims, Nanette Larson, Hollis Gorrie, John Fallon, Chris O'Hera, Ray Conner, Amy Starin, Mike Davis, Sid Weissman, Beatriz Ponce de Leon, Brock Dunlap, Donnel Barnett, Christine Herman, Jill Heyden

Call to order/Introductions

Meeting called to order at 12:31 by Andrea Cook

Approval of minutes for last meeting

Moved by Ron Melka

Seconded by Amy Starin

Spelling correction in last notes.

Unanimous- Ayes  0-opposed  0- abstentions

May 6th meeting minutes approved

DMH Report:

Reinert- Notice from SAMHSA last week that they are scheduling Block Grant survey next month during last full week of August. Usually have a year notice in advance. This has been scheduled only six weeks and at a challenging time due to Open Meetings and EBP Conference. Request to surveyors sent to see if can move back; waiting on response. SAMHSA requests a virtual meeting of council members with surveyor without DMH present. Not mandated to attend but strongly encourage attendance if possible, last time this meeting was about 3-hours. Will send more information when available.

Busy with 988 implementation work, draft plan due at the end of August. All 5 subcommittees meeting every other week. 988 planning page is available on DMH website with all open meeting information posted there. Page also includes all shared resources. Go date is July 16th, 2022.

5 90 nofo period ended last month, in final phases of contract work. Additional information not yet available since contracts not finalized. Goal is to allow providers ability to participate in planning and create mobile crisis team response that can operate as a part of the 988 system.

Block grant increase of 50 million dollars through American Rescue or Recovery Plan- money from Congress to put money into block grants. Four years given to invest and sustain the work we are doing. 10% is set aside for FEP and early serious mental illness programs. Working to increase access of these services to those who may have left the education system.

Dunlap- Budget update. DMH was granted funding requested and DHS awarded some of the state ARPA money. Getting details on how these dollars will need to be spent.

Reinert- Working on 2-year block grant plan due in September. If anyone else wants to be a part of the planning committee, please email or let us know today.

Evidence Based Programs Conference occurring every Tuesday and Thursday in August. Announcements and registration information coming out soon.

Amy Starin volunteer to help around the block grant visit.

Shirley Davis, Chris Stohr and Sid Weissman would like to be added to the planning committee list.

IHFS Report:

Herman- Moving forward with implementation of Child and Adolescent services available. Two town halls being held (13th &16th) to be recorded and posted to give broad overview of the program from child and family perspective; what it will be, what services will be available, and who is available for these services. Webinars will be geared towards providers that are responsible for care coordination. Communication phase throughout the summer, implementation steps in Sept/Oct. Public notice on IHFS website with webinar details and registration information. This package is regarding services for children up to the age of 21.

Weissman- can you advise school social workers and counselors of these webinars so they can comment?

Herman- Going to look at how to make sure schools are getting this information.

Request for webinar registration information to be sent to members.


Development Committee Report-

Melka- Met Thursday July 1st. No resignations and no applications for new memberships. Several letters of inquiry about joining which will be discussed during next meeting. Do not have any nominations for Secretary position or Co-Chair position. Margo Roethlisbrger resignation discussed, no current contact information and has now missed 4 meetings. Committee recommending sending letter and revisiting membership during next meeting.

44 survey responses received out of 51 membership. Important to have as much participation as possible.

Adult In-Patient Committee Report-

Cook- small turn out for last meeting. Discussed Dr. Alberts last comments.

Question- Is goal to create hospital bed registry under this committee?

Cook- Yes

Barnett- No update (on registry) at this time. In process of working with IL Dept of Public Health to collect this information and have it all put into one system. Currently working on data sharing agreements and framework.

Justice Committee Report -

None at this time, not active

Child & Adolescent Committee Report-

Walker- Thrilled to report that the committee is up and running. Initial meeting held a couple of weeks ago and looking for additional people to join. Want to be ready to participate in 988 roll out for children and adolescents knowing this might take place in school settings. Currently 5 members within the council identified to serve. Planning on proposing a bylaws amendment to the council which would add language as to who could serve on this committee in hopes of including more diverse voices in this group.

Review of bylaws shared amendment can be voiced during meeting but proposal must be provided to all members of the council in writing 30 days in advance of the next meeting so the council could vote on it.

Stohr-Shared Article 6 of the bylaws.

Chris Stohr will send to Thane after subcommittee meeting to be shared with council.

Sondra Frazier emailed offered to participate. DMH does not send out invitations to the subcommittees. All subcommittee requests are forwarded to that specific subcommittee chair.

Noted that Open Meeting Acts training is required for all council members and everyone is encouraged to revisit if needed. Members of subcommittees is appointed by co-chairs.

Reinert- Subcommittees required to advise Division in strategic planning. We know we do not have significant representation of parents of minors who are receiving services in the public mental health system. Vitally important to have this voice in the subcommittee and happy to hear that this committee is thinking about how to bring parents into this council. DMH is invested in how we can support this.

Weissman- Shared concerned that under current IL law for adolescent to receive psychotherapy services needs approval of parent. Ask is for this committee to review this question to see if this law can be changed.

Group discussion about current services available to adolescents without parental consent.

Lisa Betz will do additional research and share this language.

New Business-

Survey findings to be deferred to next meeting in hopes of receiving more participation.

Cook- Resigning as co-chair and from council. Been on council since 1994, good learning experience and appreciate everything learned. Thank you.

Many notes of gratitude and thanks to Andrea for decades of service to this council.

Public Comment-


Motion to Adjourn by Andrea Cook

Moved by Sid Weissman

Second by Ron Melka

Unanimous- Ayes 0- opposed 0- abstentions

Meeting adjured at 2:07pm