PM 06-01-03: Status with Voluntary Sponsoring Agency

WAG 06-01-03

When a person applies for RRP Cash benefits, notify the Voluntary Sponsoring Agency (VOLAG) that initially resettled the refugee that the refugee has applied. Ask the VOLAG if they are providing the refugee(s) with any ongoing monthly benefits. The Reception and Placement grant, which is issued when the person first arrives in the U.S., is exempt income and is not considered in determining RRP eligibility or the amount of benefits. It is also exempt as an asset in the month received. deleted text

Ask the VOLAG if within the last 30 days the refugee or anyone in the family has:

  • quit a job, or
  • refused to apply for a job, or
  • refused a suitable job offer.

A nonexempt refugee is ineligible for RRP Cash for 30 days if they have quit or refused to apply for a job, or have refused to accept a job offer found to be suitable by DHS or the VOLAG. Other family members remain eligible.