WAG 06-01-01: Eligible Persons

PM 06-01-01

A Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) case must have the following entries on the Form 552:

Item 1 - Enter the letter A (except for a Cuban or Haitian Entrant) in the first position of the basic number. For a Cuban or Haitian Entrant, enter a Y.
Item 12 - Enter the Nation of Origin.
Item 17 - Enter the code for the refugee's Voluntary Sponsoring Agency.
Item 80 - Enter code 328 DU and the person's date of entry into the U.S. For an asylee, show the date asylum was granted. For a trafficking victim, show the date they were first identified by ORR. Show the earliest date for any person in the case.
Item 90 - For RRP Cash only, enter code 644, Contribution from Voluntary Sponsoring Agency (if received).