June 21, 2021 DDD Communication

June 21, 2021

Dear Stakeholders,

This legislative session, the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Pritzker approved a budget for Fiscal Year 2022 that includes a $2.056 billion budget for the Division of Developmental Disabilities and provides $170M in new funding towards I/DD services! This is an historic, highest-ever investment in the DD system in Illinois. That we are on the cusp of the largest-ever DD budget in Illinois is a credit to the unrelenting work of many individuals, families, organizations, and IDHS staff - including so many of you.

I am so very proud of the progress we've made so far, and the exciting opportunities that the new budget will make possible in the fiscal year ahead. I am thankful to Governor Pritzker and every member of the General Assembly, and to all of the stakeholders who have advocated to strengthen the DD system through more resources.

As many of you know, the Governor's introduced budget originally provided an investment of $77M. Based on the federal American Rescue Plan Act, and its inclusion of one-time enhanced FMAP, $45M more was recommended for a total new investment of $122M. During the final hours of the legislative session, a budget was passed with $48M more - for a total DD system investment of $170M!

With this investment the Division of Developmental Disabilities will be able to provide the following system supports and enhancements, including implementing permanent Guidehouse Rate Study priorities, in FY 22.

Temporary Increases to Stabilize the System

  • Extend the temporary 5% Adult CILA per-diem (60D), 15% CDS hourly rate (31U/31C) and implement a temporary 3% children's group home per-diem until 12/31/21.
  • Additional funding for one-time projects based on stakeholder engagement and feedback.

Guidehouse Rate Study Priorities

  • Provide permanent rate increases effective 1/1/22 for waiver funded services, pending formal waiver amendment approval, including:
    • Implement a $1.50/hour increase for DSP wages in the rate methodology for adult CILA and Community Day Services (CDS) programs.
    • Implement a wage increase for other frontline staff wages in the rate methodologies for CILA and CDS to Bureau of Labor Statistics as outlined by Guidehouse.
    • Rebalance the hours between CILA and CDS to ensure that residential providers are paid for all hours provided and CDS providers are able to bill up to 1200 hrs/year!
    • Implement new rate methodologies for CDS, At-Home Day Program and Supported Employment with updated cost components as recommended by Guidehouse.
  • Provide permanent rate increases for ICF/DDs, pending state plan amendment approval, including:
    • Implement a $0.50/hr wage increase for ICF Aides effective 7/1/21.
    • Implement $1.00/hr increase for ICF Aides, move wage reimbursements to BLS averages for front line staff, as well as increase day program billable hours to 1200/year effective 1/1/22.

Children's Group Home Support

  • Provide a permanent 3% rate increase for Children's Group Home providers effective 1/1/22, pending waiver amendment approval.

Please Note: changes to our current rates and services will require Federal CMS approval prior to implementation. While we are hopeful for a waiver amendment effective date of 1/1/22, it may be delayed. We will relay any timeline changes as we become aware of them.

Thank you so much for your patience, support and advocacy! I am so very proud to be a part of this amazing administration!


  • Allison Stark
  • Director
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Illinois Department of Human Services