WAG 05-11-03: Housing Cost

PM 05-11-03

Amount to Allow for Housing Costs

revised manual textExample 1: Ms. A receives medical assistance and lives alone (no roommate) in a Supportive Living Facility (SLF). The SSI rate is $794. Her housing costs for SNAP is $704 ($794 - 90 = 704).

revised manual textExample 2: Mr. and Mrs. T, who are married, both receive medical assistance and live together in a SLF.  The SSI rate for a couple is $1,191. Their housing costs for SNAP is $1,011 ($1,191 - 180 = $1,011).

new manual text Note: Only SLF residents who reside in a SLF covered under the (FNS) waiver for SNAP participation qualify for SNAP if all other eligibility factors are met.  See PM 04-05-04, WAG 04-05-04, PM 05-11-02-a, WAG 05-11-02-a.