WAG 05-10-00: Failure to Comply With a Cash Program Requirement

PM 05-10-00

When an SNAP unit member's TANF cash benefit decreases due to a sanction for noncompliance with the Activity Requirement (see PM 03-13-04), School Attendance Initiative (see WAG 03-22-04-a), Child Support (see WAG 24-04-04 and WAG 24-04-05), or noncooperation with REDE requirements (see WAG 19-02-01), and the SNAP benefits are on the same Form 552 as the TANF case:

  1. (System) Computes the amount of the cash benefit reduction and enters the amount as code 512 in Item 90. The amount is based on all active sanction codes on Form 552.

    NOTE: Only the system can enter, change, and delete code 512 on cash cases. 

  2. (System) Budgets code 512 as unearned income for SNAP.
  3. (FCRC) Enter code 357 NCA on the case with the SNAP if the SNAP are not on the same Form 552. Code 357 NCA must be equal to the code 512 amount.

    NOTE: The NCA code is budgeted like unearned income when the amount of SNAP benefits is computed by the system.

    Example: Ms. M receives TANF for herself and 2 children in the amount of $377. Ms. M and the children are component SNAP unit members of Ms. S's SNAP case.

    Ms. M's cash benefit amount is reduced due to an Activity Requirement sanction. Her new cash benefit amount is $189. The amount of the cash benefit reduction is $188 ($377 - $189 = $188).

    Ms. S's case should show Item 80 code 357 NCA of $188 and Item 90 code 658 of $189. 

  4. (System) Removes Item 90 code 512 when a TANF Cash case is centrally SWAPped to 94 or 96.