988 Coalition Subcommittee Statewide Standards Agenda 08-11-2021


Wednesdays Bi-Weekly 1PM-2:30PM

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Statewide Standards Subcommittee August 11th WebEx Link

Meeting ID: 177 945 8083

Online Passcode: DMH21


  1. Roll call/Facilitator and Notetaker designation
  2. Review the Implementation Plan materials that have been provided by Vibrant related to the standards to formulate tasks and recommendation
  3. Review and Discussion of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline(NSPL) Suicide Risk Assessment Standards resulting in recommendations
  4. Review and Discussion of NSPL Policy for Helping Callers at Imminent Risk of Suicide resulting in recommendations
  5. Review and Discussion of NSPL Call Center Quality Assurance guidelines resulting in recommendations
  6. Review of NSPL Call Center Metrics-Service and Efficiency guidelines resulting in recommendations
  7. Recommendations for Agenda for next meeting
  8. Public Comment