Persons Discharged From Department of Corrections (DOC) Facilities to an Inpatient Hospital



  • Inmates discharged from DOC facilities to inpatient hospitals may be eligible for Medicaid.
  • DOC inmates do not receive a MediPlan Card.

This memorandum was prepared by the Illinois Department of Public Aid. DPA administers the Medicaid and KidCare programs. These programs provide medical benefits to families with children and other persons. This information is to be used by the staff of the Central KidCare Unit and the Illinois Department of Human Services when determining eligibility and authorizing medical benefits.

Inmates who are incarcerated in an Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) facility may receive Medicaid matchable services when discharged to an inpatient hospital. DPA has been approved to claim federal matching funds for the costs of caring for these persons while they are residing outside a correctional facility to receive medical care.

DOC inmates discharged to an inpatient hospital do not receive a MediPlan card. All services are paid directly by DOC.

Adult applicants must meet all the non-financial and financial eligibility requirements for the AABD Medical program. Applicants age 18 or under must meet all the non-financial and financial requirements for the Family Health Plan Medical Programs. These cases will have code 30, DOC facility, in Item 20 and the caseload number is DOC.

Noncitizens who do not meet immigration status requirements may only be eligible for emergency medical services received as an inpatient.

Once approved, the cases will stay active and be redetermined yearly, in case the person is again hospitalized or released from DOC custody.

[signed copy on file]

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Director, Illinois Department of Public Aid