988 Coalition Subcommittee Statewide Coverage Agenda 07-26-2021


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  1. Introductions/Roll Call/Volunteers
  2. Continue previous conversation summarized below to look at pros and cons of these possible recommendations:
    1. Regional Call Centers would better meet the need.
      1. Possibly link to maximum population
      2. Linkage to 211 resources
      3. Regional call centers might ensure better linkage.
      4. Cares and 988 call centers serve different functions, don't know if CARES can meet that need.
    2. What are all of the local crisis services do we need baseline data?
      1. This might require stateside resources with local CMHC's services and local crisis call centers.
      2. This would require local crisis call centers to have access to the regional 988 call center to activate services.
      3. All call Centers need access to statewide resources for out of area calls including out-of-state resources.
  3. Legislation
    1. What currently exists?
    2. What do we need to recommend?
  4. Next Agenda Discussion
  5. Public Comment