988 Coalition Subcommittee Community Linkage Agenda 07-23-2021


Fridays Bi-Weekly 1:00PM-2:30PM

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  1. Introductions/roll call/ volunteers
  2. Review of Current Recommendations
  3. Regional Call Centers or a Single Statewide Call Center what does Illinois need?
  4. Recommendations regarding phone system requirements and client relation management systems software. What are the requirements of Vibrant? The group has already made the recommendations below.
    1. The State needs to fund client relation management systems for the call centers that allow linkage to SPIDER and other data that already exists. The State may need to purchase the data that already exists, costs related to this expense need to be considered.
    2. The State needs to fund IT support to manage the client relation management systems. Current best practice is 1 FTE per 700 resources on file.
  5. How/when to link a caller to an existing resource. Best practices and current policies/practices that 988 and 911 call centers have in place now.
  6. Next agenda
  7. Public comment