Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program

The Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (ILPMP) is an electronic database that collects, tracks and stores reported data for controlled substances in schedules II-V and selected drugs of interest, as well as other types of healthcare information. The ILPMP serves as an essential tool to ensure the safe use of controlled substances and other drugs. Utilizing the ILPMP supports clinical decisions and improves patient outcomes.

Healthcare providers and their designees can view 12 months of a patient's prescription history to assist with clinical decisions regarding prescribing and dispensing. Prescribers can also view a history of prescriptions dispensed under their DEA number.

Dispensers, prescribers, and their designees can register for an account at The data in the ILPMP database is reported by pharmacies and other state departments. The ILPMP does not guarantee the complete accuracy of a patient's prescription history or healthcare information as it is dependent on the information provided. If you notice an error in reporting, please email

The ILPMP is overseen by the Illinois Department of Human Services and was authorized by the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (720 ILCS 570/316) and strictly adheres to HIPAA and all access, disclosure, and confidentiality provisions of Illinois Law.

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