Dispute Resolution (FFY18/SFY19)

Illinois - IDEA Part C - Dispute Resolution

Year: 2018-19

A zero count should be used when there were no events or occurrences to report in the specific category for the given reporting period. Check "Missing" if the state did not collect or could not report a count for the specific category. Please provide an explanation for the missing data in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Section A: Written, Signed Complaints

Description # in each category
(1) Total number of written signed complaints filed 10
(1.1) Complaints with reports issued. 9
(1.1) (a) Reports with findings of noncompliance. 3
(1.1) (b) Reports within timelines. 9
(1.1) (c) Reports within extended timelines. 0
(1.2) Complaints pending. 0
(1.2) (a) Complaints pending a due process hearing. 0
(1.3) Complaints withdrawn or dismissed. 1

Section B: Mediation Requests

Description # in each category 
(2) Total number of mediation requests received through all dispute resolution processes 0
(2.1) Mediations held. 0
(2.1) (a) Mediations held related to due process complaints. 0
(2.1) (a) (i) Mediation agreements related to due process complaints. 0
(2.1) (b) Mediations held not related to due process complaints. 0
(2.1) (b) (i) Mediation agreements not related to due process complaints. 0
(2.2) Mediations pending. 0
(2.3) Mediations not held. 0

Section C: Due Process Complaints

Description # of each
(3) Total number of due process complaints filed. 0
Has your state adopted Part C due process hearing procedures under 34 CFR 303.430(d)(1) or Part B due process hearing procedures under34 CFR 303.430(d)(2)? Part B
(3.1) Resolution meetings (applicable ONLY for states using Part B due process hearing procedures). 0
(3.1) (a) Written settlement agreements reached through resolution meetings. 0
(3.2) Hearings fully adjudicated. 0
(3.2) (a) Decisions within timeline. 0
(3.2) (b) Decisions within extended timeline. 0
(3.3) Hearings pending. 0
(3.4) Due process complaints withdrawn or dismissed (including resolved without a hearing). 0

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