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Information Bulletin

Purpose and Background:

Annual Individual Rights Sharing

People with intellectual and development disabilities receiving Medicaid Home and Community-Based Adult Services waiver funded services have important rights that should be shared with them on an annual basis, or more often as needed.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) put together the Rights of Individuals in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Developmental Disabilities Waiver (pdf).

The Illinois Self Advocacy Alliance also created a plain language version of this document (pdf) for people receiving services. This can be used as a companion to the official document to explain in plain language people's rights. The ISC is required to complete the IL462-1201 rights document with individuals and/or guardians signing the document annually. Providers are also required to share the IL462-1201 form and offer education and as needed appropriate additional training materials to individuals annually on their rights.

The list of rights are informed by Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code and other federal and state laws.

  1. Annually the provider should share the above referenced Rights of Individuals in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Developmental Disabilities Waiver with the individuals, their guardian and family. This may be shared at the annual planning meeting or at another time.
  2. It is imperative that all individuals understand their rights and that they are conveyed to them in a way that they understand.

Filing a Complaint:

People receiving services, guardians (if applicable), family members, or other representatives may file complaints about their services using one or more of the options described below.

  • Contact the Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency: If the person does not have the ISC contact information available, they can use the DHS Office Locator to find the closest agency at. Under "Type," select "Developmental Disabilities." Under "County", select the county you live in. Or, call 1 (888) DD-PLANS or 1 (888) 337-5267 and punch in the zip code. You will be connected to the nearest ISC agency at no cost.
  • Contact the Division directly: Call toll free at 1 (888) DD-PLANS or 1 (888) 337-5267 and ask to speak to a representative in the Division of Developmental Disabilities or call the Division at (217) 785-6171.
  • File a Report of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation:
  • For children under the age of 18 or for anyone residing in a Child Group Home or Child Care Institution, call the Department of Children and Family Services at 1 (800) 252-2873.
  • For adults age 18 and over, who reside in their own home or family's home and have concerns about abuse from someone other than a provider employee, call the Adult Protective Services Hotline at 1 (866) 800-1409.
  • For individuals residing in a Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) contact the Department of Human Services, Office of Inspector General at 1 (800) 368-1463.
  • For reporting incidents that occur at a Community Day Services site, contact the Department of Human Services, Office of Inspector General at 1 (800) 368-1463.
  • For individuals residing in a Community Living Facility (CLF), contact the Department of Public Health at 1-800-252-4343 or email at

If you contact the ISC or Division of Developmental Disabilities, you may expect an initial response within two business days. In cases of reports of abuse or neglect, the initial contact will be within 24 hours.

Created in 1979, the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission protects the rights and promotes the welfare of persons with disabilities. By providing legal representation, investigating complaints of rights violations and providing state guardianship for Illinois' population with disabilities, the Commission has given voice to those who have previously gone unheard. It has three divisions: Legal Advocacy Services, Human Rights Authority, and the Office of the State Guardian. The Commission is located at the following addresses:

East Central Regional Office
2125 S. First Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 278-5577
Fax: (217) 278-5588
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Peoria Regional Office
401 N. Main Street, Suite 620
Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: (309) 671-3030
Fax: (309) 671-3060
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Rockford Regional Office
4302 N. Main Street, Suite 108
Rockford, IL 61103
Phone: (815) 987-7657
Fax: (815) 987-7227
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Egyptian Regional Office
#7 Cottage Drive
Anna, Illinois 62906-1669
Phone: (618) 833-4897
Fax: (618) 833-5219
TTY: (866)-333-3362

West Suburban Regional Office
Madden Mental Health Center
1200 S. First Street, P.O. Box 7009
Hines, IL 60141
Phone: (708) 338-7500
Fax: (708) 338-7505
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Metro East Regional Office
4500 College Avenue, Suite 100
Alton, IL 62002
Phone: (618) 474-5503
Fax: (618) 474-5517
TTY: (866)-333-3362

North Suburban Regional Office
9511 Harrison Street, Room 335
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016
Phone: (847) 294-4264
Fax: (847) 294-4263
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Chicago Regional Office
160 N. La Salle Street
Suite S500
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 793-5900
Fax: (312) 793-4311
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Springfield Regional Office
521 Stratton Building
401 S. Spring Street
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: (217) 785-1540
Fax: (217) 524-0088
TTY: (866)-333-3362

Equip for Equality, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit organization that administers the federal protection and advocacy system to people with disabilities in Illinois. Equip for Equality, Inc. provides self-advocacy assistance, legal services, education, public policy advocacy, and abuse investigations. The offices are located at:

Main/Chicago Office
20 N. Michigan, Ste 300
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone: (312) 341-0022 or (800) 537-2632
TTY: (800) 610-2779
Fax: (312) 341-0295

Central Illinois
1 West Old Capitol Plaza, Suite 816
Springfield, IL 62701
Phone: (217) 544-0464 or (800) 758-0559
TTY: (800) 610-2779
Fax: (217) 523-0720

Northwestern Illinois
1515 Fifth Avenue, Suite 420
P.O. Box 276
Moline, IL 61265
Phone: (309) 786-6868 or (800) 758-0464
TTY: (800) 610-2779
Fax: (309) 797-8710

Southern Illinois
300 E. Main Street, Suite 18
Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: (618) 457-7930 or (800) 758-6869
TTY: (800) 610-2779
Fax: (618) 457-7985

Equip for Equality's website

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