PM 05-07-00: Categorically Eligible Units

WAG 05-07-00

A SNAP unit is categorically eligible when: 

  • Guide to Services (DHS 4474), a TANF funded information and referral service brochure is given to the SNAP unit and gross monthly income does not exceed the Gross Monthly Income Standard for the unit size (WAG 13-01-01-a); or
  • Every person in the unit is authorized to receive TANF or SSI, including SSI cases in recoupment or suspension status. The unit is not subject to a gross or net income limit.

A SNAP unit is not categorically eligible when a member is:

  • disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation; or
  • sanctioned for failure to comply with a work provision.
  • revised manual textThe first time the unit reapplies after losing eligibility due to lottery or gambling winnings (See PM 07-04-21).