WAG 05-03-02: Eligibility for SNAP Units with Sanctioned Member

PM 05-03-02

Sanctioned Due to Intentional Program Violation

  1. (BOI/FCRC) Sends the FCRC a partially filled out Notice of Disqualification for Intentional Program Violation (Form 2550/2550C).
  2. (FCRC) Determine ongoing eligibility and benefit amount for the remaining unit members.
  3. (FCRC) Complete the Form 2550 section titled "Notice to Remaining Household Members", entering the benefit amount for the eligible members.
  4. (FCRC) Send the original copy of the completed Form 2550 or Form 2550C to the SNAP payee. File the copy in the case record.
  5. (FCRC) Complete and process the current Form 552 to sanction the member (see WAG 23-06-02).