WAG 05-01-02: Residential Facility Responsibilities

PM 05-01-02

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  • Submits Form 3037 monthly to the local Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) serving the area in which the facility is located. Form 3037 must be sent to the FCRC by the 5th of each month.

    The completed Form 3037 must include: 

    • The case name and number of each resident who received food stamps during the calendar month, and
    • the name of their authorized representative.

      The facility director must sign Form 3037, certifying that the information is correct. 

  • The facility's authorized representative may also receive and use the Illinois Link card and choose the PIN.

Family Community Resource Center

revised textIssues the Group Home Informational Sheet (Form 4745) and the Monthly Activity Report for Drug/Alcoholic Treatment Facilities or Group Homes (Form 3037) upon request to approved facilities.

The FCRC Administrator keeps a file of completed Forms 3037 received from drug or alcohol treatment facilities.

A representative of the local FCRC conducts an annual on-site visit to each facility to verify the accuracy of the Forms 3037 received from the facility.

Verify the Forms 3037 by comparing them to the facility's completed DMHDD 1077, Attendance Record, or other official document that verifies the client's residency at the facility.

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