Illinois Mental Health Planning & Advisory Council (IMHPAC)


IMHPAC was established in 1992 as a requirement of the Federal Mental Health Block Grant, and each state receiving such funds must have a council similar to IMHPAC, following the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) Guidelines.

The purposes of the Council as stated in IMHPAC's By-Laws reflect these legal requirements :

  1. To exchange information and develop, evaluate and communicate ideas about mental health planning,
  2. To review and make recommendations regarding the Federal Mental Health Services Block Grant plan for mental health services in the State of Illinois,
  3. To advise the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health and other departments, divisions and agencies of state government concerning proposed and adopted plans affecting mental health services provided or coordinated by the state and the implementation thereof,
  4. To monitor, review and evaluate the allocation and adequacy of mental health services in Illinois and to advise the Illinois state government concerning the need for and quality of services and programs for adults with mental illness and children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances, and
  5. To develop and take advocacy positions concerning legislation and regulations affecting mental health.

Board/Commission/Task Force Requirements

Training Requirements

Please visit the link above to view the training requirements for this Board/Commission/Committee/Task Force.


IMHPAC Meetings occur six times a year, on the first Thursday of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. When a State Holiday occurs in the first week of the month, an IMHPAC meetings may be re-scheduled to the second Thursday in the month. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 12:30pm.

IMHPAC 2023 Schedule & Documents

***Please note-Agendas and Links to join coming soon***

Meetings Archive:



  • All Subcommittees are composed of Council members who are subject to the training and reporting requirements of the Council.
  • Except for the Development Committee, subcommittee meetings are scheduled within the committee and publicly announced in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
  • Subcommittees usually meet on the alternate months of scheduled Council meetings.


Membership (As of December 2021)

First Name Last Name Term End Date
David Albert Resource/State Agency Representative
Ricardo Anderson 12/31/2024
Jeff Aranowski Resource/State Agency Representative
Lisa Betz Resource/State Agency Representative
Marianne Bithos 12/31/2024
Michelle Churchey-Mims 12/31/2024
Ray Conner 12/31/2023
Shirley Davis 12/31/2024
Michael Davis Sr. 12/31/2023
Cindy Daxenbichler 12/31/2022
Yasmin Diodonet 12/31/2024
Thane Dykstra 12/31/2022
John Fallon 12/31/2024
Stephanie Frank Resource/State Agency Representative
Sondra Frazier 12/31/2023
Daniel M.O. Frey 12/31/2023
Fred Friedman 12/31/2023
Laura Gilbert Gerber, PhD 12/31/2023
Sharonda Giles 12/31/2023
Erin Brumfield Grima 12/31/2023
Joan Hartman 12/31/2023
Shane Hassler 12/31/2024
Kristine Herman Resource/State Agency Representative
Dennis Hopkins 12/31/2022
Patty Johnstone 12/31/2024
Tina Karaway 12/31/2024
James Kellermann 12/31/2024
Irwin Kerzner Resource/State Agency Representative
William Korte 12/31/2022
Nanette Larson Resource/State Agency Representative
Meg Lewis 12/31/2023
Joan Lodge 12/31/2023
Pearl Madlock Resource/State Agency Representative
Jennifer McGowan-Tomke 12/31/2024
Tracy Meinert 12/31/2024
Ron Melka 12/31/2022
Mike Miroux 12/31/2023
Orson Morrison 12/31/2024
Scott Noble 12/31/2024
Chris O'Hara 12/31/2023
Gene Oulvey Resource/State Agency Representative
Isaac Palmer 12/31/2023
Robert J Dean Phillips 12/31/2023
Lee Ann Reinert Resource/State Agency Representative
Maria Rosario 12/31/2024
Rashad K. Saafir 12/31/2023
Susan Schroeder 12/31/2023
Sarah B Scruggs, Ph.D. 12/31/2023
Meryl Sosa 12/31/2024
Amy Starin 12/31/2024
Christopher Stohr 12/31/2024
Gabrielle Tatara 12/31/2024
Sidney H. Weissman, MD 12/31/2024
Sarah Wiemeyer 12/31/2024
Karissa Yu 12/31/2024

IDHS Administrative Support

Deputy Director | Policy, Planning and Innovation

Lee Ann Reinert, LCSW

Division of Mental Health| IL Department of Human Services

600 E. Ash Bldg. 500, 3rd Floor South | Springfield, IL 62703

O: 217-782-0059 C: 217-299-3079

Board's Administrative Contact information:

Provider Co-Chair:

Susan Schroeder,

Stepping Stones of Rockford, Inc 

Consumer Co-Chair:

To Be Elected (Currently Vacant)

Ethics Officer Contact Information: