PM 04-05-06: Non-SNAP Unit Members

WAG 04-05-06.

A non-SNAP unit member is a person who lives with the SNAP unit, but is not included in the unit. A non-SNAP unit member's income and assets do not affect the eligibility of the unit they live with.

non-SNAP unit members include but are not limited to:

  • A roomer, a person that lives with a family and pays for their own lodging, but not their meals.
  • A boarder, a person that pays a reasonable monthly amount for lodging and meals. See PM 05-02-01 for what is a reasonable amount. If a boarder is not paying a reasonable amount, the person must be included in the SNAP unit.
  • A live-in-attendant, a person that lives with the unit to provide medical, housekeeping, child care, or other similar personal services.
  • A student of higher education who does not meet the criteria (see PM 03-04-03-b).
  • A separate unit member, a person who shares living space with the SNAP unit but who is not in the SNAP unit because they do not usually buy and prepare their food together.

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