PM 04-05-04: Residents of Institutions

WAG 04-05-04.

An institution is a residential facility that provides meals as part of its normal service. A person is a resident of an institution if the facility provides a majority of their meals.

A hospitalized person is not a resident of an institution. A hospitalized person remains a member of the SNAP unit until the unit reports that the person will not return to the home. This also applies to newborns who remain hospitalized at birth.

A resident of a supportive living facility (SLF) is not a resident of an institution (see PM 20-08-02).

Residents of institutions do not qualify for SNAP benefits unless they are:

  • residents of federally subsidized housing for the elderly; or
  • residents of drug or alcohol treatment centers (see PM 05-01-00); or
  • residents of group living arrangement facilities (see PM 05-08-00); or
  • people temporarily living in a shelter for battered women and children (see PM 05-09-00); or
  • homeless persons whose primary nighttime residence is:
    • a supervised shelter that provides temporary lodging (e.g., temporary shelter), or
    • a halfway house or similar facility that provides temporary residence for persons who will be institutionalized; or