Statewide Partners

Rental Application Assistance

Agency Name Language
Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project (FLAP)
Proyecto de Ayuda para Trabajadores del Campo y Jardineros
33 N LaSalle St #900
Chicago, IL 60602
(888) 451-3527
English, Spanish
Illinois Migrant Council
Esperanza Gonzalez
(815) 995-0300
English, Spanish

Legal Aid or Mediation

Agency Name Service(s)
Center for Conflict Resolution
(855) 631-0811
Provide mediators via Zoom in all counties
Coordinated Advice & Referral Program
for Legal Services (CARPLS)
(855) 631-0811
Virtual Assistant/Chatbot to connect people in
eviction crisis to legal information, rental
assistance and legal aid and mediation
programs across Illinois
Illinois Legal Aid Online
(855) 631-0811
SMS text access channel