WAG 04-05-02: The SNAP Unit

PM 04-05-02

An elderly disabled person (and spouse if present), who cannot buy and prepare their own food, can qualify for separate SNAP unit status if the gross nonexempt income of the other people they live with does not exceed the amounts listed below.

Determine the amount of income to be used as follows:

  1. Verify the gross nonexempt income of the other persons in the SNAP unit. Do not count the income of the elderly disabled person and spouse. See PM 08-04-00 for policy on nonexempt income.
  2. Compare the other persons' verified gross nonexempt income to the amount in the chart below for the unit size, using SNAP Calculation Sheet (Form 683B). Do not include the elderly disabled person (and spouse) in the SNAP unit size.
SNAP Unit Size revised manual textGross Income
1 Person $1,771
2 Persons 2,396
3 Persons 3,020
4 Persons 3,644
5 Persons 4,268
6 Persons 4,893
7 Persons 5,517
8 Persons 6,141
9 Persons 6,766
10 Persons 7,391
Each Additional Member +625

 3.  If the elderly disabled person(s) qualifies for separate SNAP unit status, determine their eligibility and benefit amount separately. See PM 05-04-02 for how to treat expenses shared by persons living together.