WAG 04-02-02-b: Medical for an Applicant Who Is No Longer Pregnant

PM 04-02-02-b

To authorize a Medical case when a woman is no longer pregnant, see WAG 25-08-01-b with the following exceptions:

Item 3 - Enter TA 10, Approve and Cancel, Medical Only.
Item 28 - Enter the letter G.
Item 33 - Enter TAR 81. new text(or TAR B9 for an otherwise ineligible noncitizen)
Item 41 - In IPACS enter the last day of the month that the 60-day postpartum period ends. Use a 6-digit date.
Item 60 - Enter EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) and the MM/YY the pregnancy ended.
new textItem 74 - Enter code 36

When the case is approved, a medical eligibility file is created in the computer system. A Moms & Babies medical card is not issued because there is no eligible child. A Form 360C is centrally sent if the application is approved through AIS.

If the application is approved in IPACS, or the FCRC wants to send a locally issued notice, send the client Notice of Decision on Application for Medical Assistance (Form 458). If the application is approved as a spenddown case, send Notice of Decision on Application (MANG) for a Medical Eligibility Card (Form 458SP) with Form 458SPA/SPB attached, if needed.

If the applicant has an outstanding hospital bill, also send Local Notice of Decision on Application for Cash and/or Medical - Third Party (Form 360L) to the hospital.