PM 04-02-02: Pregnant Woman Case

WAG 04-02-02

revised textA woman of any age who is pregnant can qualify for medical assistance in an adult-only Family Assist case. She can qualify based on her pregnancy if there are no other eligible dependent children. Her spouse can  qualify for FamilyCare Assist only if he or she is the parent or caretaker relative of a dependent child. If the pregnant woman's spouse does not qualify for FamilyCare, he or she may qualify for the ACA Adult program until the child is born.

A pregnant woman living in a private maternity home or a private institution can qualify for Family Assist, if otherwise eligible.

NOTE: When a pregnant woman is ineligible for Family Assist, determine eligibility for Moms & Babies. See PM 06-09 for All Kids Moms and Babies policy. The spouse of a pregnant woman is not eligible for Moms & Babies.