PM 04-01-07-a: Who Is Eligible

WAG 04-01-07-a

revised textThe pregnant woman (and her spouse/civil union partner in the home) are eligible if she (they):

  • would qualify for TANF if the child was already born, and
  • has (have) no other eligible children, and
  • is (are) not eligible for or already receiving TANF benefits as a child(ren), and
  • does (do) not have enough income to meet her (their) needs based on the TANF Adult-Only Payment Level (2-person Payment Level for woman and spouse).

revised textWhen a woman is eligible based solely on her pregnancy, her spouse/civil union partner who lives with her must be included in the case. When the child is born, add the child to the case (see PM 18-02-01).

NOTE: Determine eligibility for All Kids Moms and Babies when a pregnant woman is ineligible for TANF and Family Assist. See PM 06-09-00 for All Kids Moms and Babies policy. revised textThe legal spouse/civil union partner is not eligible for All Kids Moms and Babies.

Example: Ineligible for a Pregnant Woman Case

Ms. M applies for TANF for herself and 2 children ages 11 and 15. Ms. M's 16 year old unmarried daughter who is 7 months pregnant applies for TANF as a pregnant woman. Since the 16 year old is eligible as a child in her mother's TANF case, she is not eligible for her own TANF adult-only case. The girl must be included as a child in her mother's cash case.

Example: Eligible for a Pregnant Woman Case

Mrs. V, who is 2 months pregnant and living with her spouse, applies for an adult-only pregnant woman cash case. Mr. V must be included in the case with her. Mr. and Mrs. V have no income. They are eligible for a 2-person, adult-only cash case.