WAG 04-01-02-e: Combining TANF Cases

When you need to combine 2 active TANF cases due to filing unit policy, take the following actions:

  1. Cancel the case that is being combined with the other case using TAR 49. Form 157C is centrally sent to the payee with the following message.

    Child No Longer Eligible in this Type Assistance Unit. Your Case has Been Combined with Another TANF Case. 

  2. Determine ongoing eligibility for the combined case.

    If the combined unit is ineligible, cancel the case. 

  3. If the combined case is eligible, add the persons from the canceled case to the remaining case effective for the month of cancellation. When adding the persons, make sure that there is no break in benefits. Change the case category, if needed. See WAG 18-03-06 for the addition of persons to a case.

    NOTE: Do not complete Request for Assistance for Additional Family Member (Form 243) for the additional persons. 

  4. Remove the most recent application and required verifications from the canceled record, and file them in the combined unit's case record.
  5. Make an entry in the canceled record cross-referencing the case record with the items that have been removed.