PM 04-01-02-b: Excluded Due to Lack of Nonfinancial Verification

WAG 04-01-02-b

When a sibling, or parent of an eligible child, is ineligible due to missing nonfinancial verifications, only the sibling or parent is ineligible. The rest of the TANF Filing Unit is eligible for cash benefits as long as the caretaker relative has not refused to cooperate in determining eligibility.

revised textThe ineligible sibling remains part of the filing unit. If the ineligible sibling has income, use the income when determining financial eligibility and benefit amount.

Exception: If the nonfinancial verification that is missing is proof of an SSN or proof of SSN application for an adult parent of a child in the case, and the adult parent is a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen, the entire Filing Unit is ineligible.

Local office staff must always help the customer in any way possible to obtain missing verifications.