PM 04-01-02-a: Exceptions to the Filing Unit

WAG 04-01-02-a

Some people are excluded from the filing unit. These persons are:

  • SSI clients;
  • a parent(s) whose Social Security, Railroad Retirement, Black Lung, or 100% Veterans Administration disability income is greater than the difference in the Payment Levels with and without the parent(s);
  • DCFS wards who receive Foster Care/Home of Relative Assistance benefits and their children;
  • children who receive DCFS' Adoption Care Assistance;
  • children in a DCFS subsidized guardianship program;
  • children who do not meet the age requirement;
  • children who do not live with a caretaker relative;
  • children who are minor parents when they are married or the other legal parent of their child(ren) is in the home;
  • ineligible noncitizens;
  • persons who are ineligible due to the receipt of lump sum income while receiving TANF;
  • persons who are ineligible due to the 60-month time limit; and
  • new textpersons who are ineligible due to fleeing jurisdiction in a felony case, or due to violating terms of probation or parole.